Project Parwaaz Foundation

Empowering Dreams, Transforming Lives: Our Journey of Hope and Impact

Join Us in Building a Virtual School for Every Child!
Visited and worked with 30+ prominent schools in Leh, Ladakh and Kargil
Successfully conducted over 50,000 live classes for underprivileged students
A team of 500+ dedicated volunteers hailing from 23 states of India

Who We Are

Project Parwaaz aims to provide free virtual education for underprivileged students in Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh. We believe in education’s transformative power to uplift communities and break the chains of poverty. Join us in creating a future where education is a beacon of hope, enabling a better life for all. Stand with us to establish a brighter tomorrow, where every child has access to quality education, fostering a more equitable society for the marginalized. Together, let’s make a meaningful difference.

What We Did

Since our start in 2020, Project Parwaaz began in the remote village of Marmat, nestled in the mountains of Doda, UT, Jammu & Kashmir. A handful of dedicated volunteers shared a passion for education, launching the initiative with phone-based teaching. From these roots, Parwaaz has flourished, with the help of over 500+ volunteers and 50,000+ live classes, benefiting more than 300+ students across 23 Indian regions. Join Project Parwaaz to empower dreams through education – let’s script a story of limitless potential, one lesson at a time.

What We Do

Discover a transformative education experience with our daily audio call classes. Join 300+ enrolled students benefiting from 50,000 live classes. Our 600+ dedicated volunteers engage with parents, fostering a collaborative educational journey. Through school visits in J&K and Ladakh, we connect with students and teachers, offering personalized counseling for future academic and career success. Elevate learning today!

Free Online Classes

Motivational Talks

Leadership Workshops

Fine-Art Campaigns

Mentorship & Career Counselling

Stationary Donations

Student Growth

Discover the triumphs of our Turtuk Valley Public School alumni! Proud qualifiers on KBC, showcasing brilliance. District-level essay winners, securing top honors. Quiz champions with impressive second and third positions, exemplifying knowledge and quick thinking. Join us in celebrating success stories that highlight dedication and excellence in education!
Blurry video calls but crystal clear goals! Our student Muhammad Gulam shows off his new uniform and is ready to tackle the new school year!
Our Visit to Girls Middle School Diskit
Visiting Schools in Drass Valley
Visiting schools in Aryan Valley
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Behind The NGO

Discover the influential positions that drive the success of Parwaaz.

Parwaaz Gallery

Embark on a visual journey with Parwaaz, our impactful NGO project. Explore moments of compassion, resilience, and change in our image gallery. From empowering communities to fostering growth, each picture tells a story of hope. Witness the transformative power of Parwaaz captured in vivid frames.

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